Caned armchairs 002

Rare set of four exceptional Régence caned walnut armchairs. The frames are beautifully formed with unusual details, such as concave backrests (very rare on caned chairs), serpentine front and side rails - with two indentations for the sitter’s legs on the front rail - and particularly vigorous articulation of the arm rests and posts. Each chair is richly and harmoniously carved with an unusual reticulated shell motif on the front rail, carving on the back rail, banded carving on the caning frame, leafage on the back uprights and delicate scrolled carving on the back’s uprights. The graceful cabriole legs are carved with a shell motif on the back legs and with a complex and seemingly unique cartouche on the front legs.

Literature: A single chair from the set was exhibited at Frederick P. Victoria & Son: The Master Chair-maker’s Art in 1984. It was Nº 8 in the catalogue.

Height (ins.): 38" (96.5 cm.)      Length/Width (ins.): 27½" (70 cm.)      Depth (ins.): 25" (64 cm.)
Origin: France, first third 18th century     Period: Regence