porcelain 037

Sèvres hard paste coffee can and saucer (gobelet litron et soucoupe) with a rare café au lait ground color. The unusual decoration depicts birds rendered in two-color gilding and silver among silver and gold flowers in landscapes with giant flying insects. The pieces, probably test pieces, were made using metallic silver. Later, platinum was substituted because it successfully resisted tarnish. [Repaired small chip on saucer and at the base of the cup.]

Mark – Crossed L’s with crown for hard paste

Date letter - “bb” for 1779

Gilder’s mark - “HP” for Henri Prévost, 1757-97

Painter’s mark - “D” probably for Decambos, 1768-88.

Unexplained marks in underglaze blue, probably used as factory references for experimental pieces. On the cup: “307.IA”

                                        On the saucer: “.94.??


Origin: France     Period: Louis XVI