Textile 003

Rare Savonnerie vanitas panel depicting a boy with a soap bubble. The memento mori depicts the child leaning against a skull while holding aloft a bubble pipe. There is an inscription below the child: QUIS EVADET? (Who escapes?) and the date 1734. A lanternís flame has been extinguished, leaving only a wisp of smoke. The child's joie de vivre is contrasted with the skull, and life is seen as ephemeral as a soap bubble or a lampís flame. A 1594 engraving after Heinrich Goltzius of the same subject and engraved by F. Estius shows a nearly identical memento mori composition.

An identical, but faded tapestry is in the Bouvier collection at the Musťe Carnavalet. Fine 18th century Louis XV gilded frame.

Ex Collection: Ganna Walska       

Height (ins.): 16 (40.6 cm.)      Length/Width (ins.): 13 (33 cm.)     
Origin: France, 18th century     Period: Louis XV