chenets 002

Pair of Louis XIV ormoulu chenets. The chenets depict sejant sphinxes on a scrolled base. They rest on baluster form rectangular plinths with lion head chutes terminating in lion paw feet.

The chenets are possibly from the workshop of Andre-Charles Boulle , the sphinxes seem identical to those found on clocks known to be by Boulle. A nearly identical sphinx from a chenet is in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. (Illustrated: Le Métal, No. 430.)

Ex Collection: Baron Cassel van Doorn

Literature: Connoisseur Magazine; February, 1979

Height - 13"                             Length - 9"                                 Depth - 6"

Height (ins.): 13      Length/Width (ins.): 9      Depth (ins.): 6
Origin: France     Period: Louis XIV