mounted porcelain 007

 Sèvres bleu céleste orange tub with well painted reserves by Jean-Louis Morin depicting two panels of theatrical subjects, one of Geography, and one emblematic of Love. The porcelain is fitted with a patinated bronze bouquet of porcelain flowers inset onto a well chased piece of ormolu simulating the earth from which the flowers are growing.  The reserve of Dramatic Art (showing a script of Tartuffe) is also found on a tureen from the Maria Theresa service (1757); on an orange tub (Nº44) and on a jardinière (Nº 29) at Waddesdon Manor. The panel depicting the attributes of Love shows an open book with the letters “…ACREO…” visible, possibly part of the name “Anacreon,” a famous Greek love poet.

Dated:  “F” - (1758)

The Sèvres orange tub is 4" (10 cm.) X 4” (10 cm.)

Height (ins.): 12.5(32cm)      Length/Width (ins.): 7(18cm)      Depth (ins.): 7(18cm)
Origin: France     Period: Louis XV