mounted porcelain 004


Kangxi (1662-1722) celadon fleuri vase in finely chased Règence ormoulu mounts. The green ground vase depicts a continuous landscape with two large trees, flying cranes, and a doe and a buck in under glaze blue with some brown washes. The vase is marked on the bottom with the “double ring” mark of the Kangxi period.

The ormoulu base has a lower band finely chased with a pattern of circles above small cabochons. The collar mount, with a band of anthemia and stylized acanthus on a chased ground above cabochons, supports the fine reticulated top. [Finial possibly replaced.]

Height (ins.): 11      Length/Width (ins.): 7      Depth (ins.): 7
Origin: France/China     Period: Regence