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Pair Sèvres biscuits

Pair Vincennes or Sèvres soft-paste biscuit figural groups: Les Mangeurs des Raisins (The Grape Eaters) and La Leçon de flute (The Flute Lesson). Both after Boucher designs.


“The Grape Eaters” portrays a young man seated on a stony outcrop feeding grapes to a young woman seated below him. He holds a basketful of grapes with his other hand while she extends a grape-laden apron. A dog sits at their feet. [His left big toe with firing flaw. Factory repaired firing crack in base. According to Antoine d’Albis, as cited in the Getty catalogue, Vincennes and Sèvres Porcelain, almost all examples share this firing difficulty (Page 30, footnote 14.) ]


 Incised mark for Jean-Jacques Bachelier (1724-1806), who was Director of the Sculpture Workshop at Sèvres 1751-1757 and 1766-1773.


Ex Collection: Armin Allen

                          Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Geller (New York)


Height – 8 ¾” (22.5 cm.)        Length – 10” (25.4 cm.)         Depth – 7” (17.8 cm.)


“The Flute Lesson” portrays a young man seated on a stump holding a flute to the lips of a seated girl. A sheep and a dog are seated on the ground, both with mouths agape, charmingly contributing to the cacophony. [The flute, the tip of a finger and his left pinky missing. Part of a ribbon held in her right hand missing. Edge of a basket and its handle missing. Small factory repaired firing crack in center of base.]


Height – 8 ½” (21.6 cm.)       Length – 10” (25.4 cm.)        Depth – 5 ¾” (14.6 cm.)


A pair is found in The J. Paul Getty Museum, and single examples are found in many museums, such as The C. L. David Collection, The Musée Nationale de Céramique, and the Louvre.

Origin: France, mid 18th century     Period: Louis XV



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